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You Own Your Own Data: Information We Collect About You

If you need some context for this page, see You Own Your Own Data, YOYOD. Also, we have an overview of data we ask you for.

In addition to data we ask you for, we also collect information from various sources in order to make it easier for you to sign up or interact with our services, and to help us know you better, so when we have a dialog with you, we know more relevant things about you.

Type of data we collect

Some of this information is publicly available information, like retrieving your address from a directory or retrieving a map from Google Maps based on your address. Other information is connected to our products, like looking up your electricity meters based on personal information. Basically, there are four categories of information we collect:

  1. Publicly available information
  2. Product-related information retrieved as part of a process where you want or evaluate to become a customer on a specific product
  3. Product-related information associated with you that we store as part of your account details in order to provide you with services
  4. Product-specific data that we get from our partners as part of offering you the services

Where it’s not intuitive, we will notify you as part of the dialog with you when we collect information from public sources (#1 and #2). We will always present collected data to you (#3) to allow you to know what information we are storing and allow you to correct it. For data we collect from our partners as part of offering you services, this will typically be usage, configuration options, updates, alerts, and other data we use to offer you have services. You are always free to request a complete set of data in a machine-readable format.

In order to simplify the overviews, each of our products have a separate overview page (for #3 and #4 above). Below you can find the data we collect related to your Hudya account as part of interactions with us up to you sign up for a specific product.

If you don’t want us to collect this information, you can contact us through customer service to request a manual process.

Address and birthdateTo simplify for you when entering your data and know more about you in our dialogBisnodeEU, Microsoft Azure
Electricity metering pointsTo make it easier for you sign up to electricity. Hudya's licensed electricity subsidiary is allowed through the licenseNubix/Elhub (Norway)
Datahub (Denmark)
Elhub (Sweden)
Distributed lookups with grid owners across the countries
Your officially registered addressIn some cases we are only allowed to communicate with you on your officially registered address to ensure we don't send to somebody who pretend they are youBisnodePass-through lookup to national registries
Properties or objects you ownTo simplify the process of giving you an offerTBD


When you log into MyHudya, we will use data we have stored about you to offer suggestions or notifications. We will also occasionally, dependent on your given consent, send out newsletters about one or more of our products, news about Hudya, or contact you on sms or by phone to offer our services.


Hudya uses information about how you got in touch with us, what you bought, and what you buy from us together with demographic data to understand who our customers are and who else might be interested in our products.