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You Own Your Own Data: Information We Ask You For

If you need some context for this page, see You Own Your Own Data, YOYOD. Also, we have an overview of data we collect.

This is an overview of the data we ask you for when you create a free Hudya account, and how data about you is handled and shared with our partners. All Hudya customer data are stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center in Frankfurt, Germany, with proper access control. AWS employees do not have access to our customer data.

Hudya Group AS has many subsidiaries in the various countries we operate in and with focus on each of our product categories. Your basic Hudya account data are shared among the subsidiaries, but restricted by Hudya Group AS and according to legally binding code of conduct.

Full nameTo greet you and easily identify you in our and partners's systemsKayako (chat/support)
Mailchimp/Mandrill (email)
Intercom (events/emails) Facebook (email)
USA (all through US Privacy Shield protection)
Email address(es)To allow you to log in, recognise you on your email address, as well as to communicate with you on email according to what you have said yes toAs aboveAs above
Mobile numberTo send you pass code to log in to MyHudya, as well as to contact you about our services and according to what you have said yes toTwilio (sms)
Kayako (chat/support)
As above
Social security numberOnly when we are allowed by laws/regulations to use your social security number to lookup your data (electricity, banking, insurance, mobile) to make sure that data is accurateSvea and Bisnode for mobile
Elhub/Datahub for electricity
National registries in each country
The things you have given your consent toTo keep track of things you are ok with and things you are not ok with. These control how we use your data, how we contact you, as well as how we share dataOnly Hudya w/subsidiariesAWS, Frankfurt, Germany
Daily home and family information like mobile data consumption, house size etcTo estimate the cost of a Hudya service, give you an offer on one of our services, or to help you evaluate your costsOnly Hudya w/subsidiariesAWS, Frankfurt, Germany, and accessed only by relevant entities in each country
Pages you visit, your IP address, clicks on the pages, and whether you come from an ad or campaign we runTo get information about how many people look at what, what they find interesting, and what make them sign up to Hudya servicesSee more at Google Analytics and Facebook Cookie PolicyUSA (US Privacy Shield)
Interactions with our web pages, applications, and botsTo know how you have interacted with us in the past Only Hudya w/subsidiariesAWS, Frankfurt, Germany, and accessed only by relevant entities in each country
History of dialogs with usTo allow us to know what you have contacted us about earlier, what we have sent to you, and to make sure we can quickly answer your questions with contextHudya w/subsidiaries
Kayako (email/chat)
AWS, Frankfurt, Germany, and accessed only by relevant entities in each country
USA (Kayako)
Internal communication between Hudya Group AS w/subsidiaries to handle issues with accounts/servicesWe have more technical people who sometimes need to help out in fixing issues and where some of your personal information needs to be sharedDesignated 2nd line individuals in each Hudya Group AS subsidiary
Named individuals in Hudya Group AS
AWS, Frankfurt, Germany
USA (Cisco Webex Teams, encrypted)
Switzerland (Tresorit, encrypted)
Full name, phone number, result of a sales conversationOur sales representatives use a tool to manage the inbound and outbound callsTelemagicAWS, Dublin, Ireland

We have signed a so-called Data Processing Agreement with each of our partners that have access to any personally identifiable data from our customers, and all either have data and process data in the EEA region or are covered by the US Privacy Shield as required by EU GDPR. Note that Cisco Webex Teams and Tresorit are Hudya internal collaboration tools (chat and file storage). These are end to end encrypted and cannot be accessed by the service providers.  Use of these tools are covered by the Hudya Code of Conduct for Privacy.

Information Opt-Out and Storage Time

The basic information is mandatory for Hudya account (full name, email, and mobile number). You can opt to not provide us with any other information, and you can at any time withdraw your consent. We keep the data as long as you have a Hudya account, but if you choose to, you can at any time request us to delete your account.  We will then only retain data necessary to fulfill legal obligations.


The whole cookie thing is a hot topic in privacy law right now. Hudya uses Google Analytics and tracking cookies from Facebook to track how successfull a campaign is. We do not use Google’s Analytics Advertising Features, and you can opt out of Analytics by installing a browser add-on (see the Google link in the table).  We would love to make it super-simple to say no to Google and Facebook tracking cookies. But since we don’t want to turn them off for everybody (it is important to know if our advertising money is worth it), it would make a terrible user experience. Please contact us if you know of a good approach!