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You Own Your Own Data: Hudya Insurance

If you need some context for this page, see You Own Your Own Data, YOYOD.  There you also can see the data we ask you for and the data we collect about you.

Hudya offers insurance in collaboration with Frende. Currently, Frende is the reponsible insurance entity and thus the controller of your personal insurance data. Hudya is thus the “processor” of insurance-related data (in GDPR lingo). The below table shows the data Hudya currently uses for insurance.

Your name, email, and addressWe need to know who of our customers have also bought insurance or received an offerFrendeAWS, Frankfurt, Germany

Hudya and Frende is working on making insurance data available on MyHudya. This page will then be updated to reflect the new data shared.


At this point in time, Hudya does not do any profiling (categorisation or tailoring) based on insurance-related data. We will from time to time, identify customers with or without insurance from us, who we want to contact to offer our services. This is tracked as an internal processing activity and based on the consents you have given.