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You Own Your Own Data

At Hudya, we truly believe that you, the customer, own the information about yourself, both the information you share with us, as well as the data we gather on your behalf.  We just manage the data for you, and we use it in various ways to offer you our services. For you to really own your information (beyond we just saying that you do) you have to be able to know what we collect and store,  as well as be able to control how we use it. We may come up with a fantasic new extra add-on functionality that we think you will love, but maybe you’re not really comfortable with that. Well, then you should be allowed to say no.

This is really the core of EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and while most companies have been focused on being “GDPR compliant”, we have built everything at Hudya from the start with this principle of ownership in mind: YOYOD, You Own Your Own Data. Our internal Code of Conduct is also publicly available, so you can hold us accountable.

YOYOD means that

Hudya Group AS represents you and controls your data on your behalf (as “controller” in GDPR lingo). Hudya Group AS can be contacted either through the leadership team, by mail to Hudya Group AS, Postboks 4140 Sjølyst, 0217 Oslo, or by contacting customer services (Norway:, 21 41 56 00; Denmark:, 7070 1450; Sweden:, 08-44 68 66 00).
If you want to send a complaint, you can use our email addresses or by mail. You can write in English or the language of the country where you have a relationship with Hudya.

Hudya Group has a named responsible person (Data Protection Officer) that you can contact directly if you have concerns about your rights, your information, or what Hudya does or does not do:
Greger Teigre Wedel,
Chief Technology Officer,
Hudya Group AS
+47 926 85 279;

You have some fundamental rights that we will never deny you. You have the right to get access to all the data that we have stored about you, as well as to rectify any false data. You have the right to request some data deleted, as well as to restrict how we use the data, and how we communciate with you.  You also have the right to know what the consequences will be (e.g. your service may have to be ended), so you can make an informed decision.

You also have the right to get all the data we have about you in a portable, machine-readable format that you may share with other providers at your discression.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to something you have earlier consented to, whether that is receiving certain emails from us or to do analysis of your data to offer you better services.

The 4Ws: What, Why, Who, and Where

In order to help you navigate all this, we use the four Ws of your data: WHAT we gather, WHY we do it, WHO are doing it, and WHERE we use it.

We want it to be as easy as possible to get an overview of the data Hudya takes care of for you, so we have made an overview of all the information we ask you for, as well as information about you or related to you that we get from other sources.

We also offer this information for each of our products:

In order to make great services, we build on what others have done. This means that we use solid, trustable partners to help us do things so we don’t have to build everything ourselves. We thus also share who they are and what kind of information they have about you.