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As I promised in an earlier post, I will here share more about our learnings going from zero to three countries and three product verticals in a bit more than a year. When we started, we used every known trick (and then invented some) to get high velocity, and as I wrote in my blog …

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Hudya announces YOYOD, You Own Your Data, in celebration of GDPR privacy laws coming into effect in Europe!

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242 days ago… WordPress (our blog platform) does not hesitate to tell me the harsh truth about the last blog entry on the Hudya engineering blog. What happened? Well, first of all, unless you’re in marketing, it’s hard to prioritize writing blog posts when code delivers actual results… We had this idea that it would …

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Hudya Engineering is all about building a digital platform for multiple services for regular people’s homes and families, and to do that for Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (phase 1) in parallel. However, “a digital platform” is not something you magically pull out of your sleeve, it is purpose built, carefully designed, step by step, and …

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Approx. reading time: 10 min I have been encouraged to write about how we build Hudya’s technology platform, so I thought I’d get this blog started by doing that! Hudya set off last year to turn upside down on how you buy those boring necessities for your home and family: electricity, mobile, insurance, banking, home …

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