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Finally, our own engineering blog!

698 days ago in announcements

Hudya was started as a company on Aug 8, 2016.
I joined as CTO on Jan 2, 2017.
8 weeks later we launched electricity services in Norway.
Then Sweden... and Denmark
Everything we build is made to handle multiple products and countries.
Mobile services are next.

It’s time we got our own engineering blog!

And it’s not for boasting (ok, a bit then, once in a while…), but for three other very good reasons: First of all, at the core of Hudya’s values is transparency to our customers about what we do and how we do it. We want our customers to trust us, but we know we must earn it.

Secondly, we want to give back. We have learned and benefited from all those who share their experiences and code, and the technical challenges here at Hudya means that we (at least occasionally) do something that others might benefit from. So, this is a place where Hudya engineers want to share stuff.

And finally, we want to work with the brightest, coolest people who hopefully want to work with us as well. Our hope is that we can share what it’s like to be an engineer @ Hudya, so you want to join us!

I’m looking forward to this!

Best regards,

Greger, CTO @ Hudya

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