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Engineering blog: Good idea, hard to execute on when code needs to get shipped…

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242 days ago… WordPress (our blog platform) does not hesitate to tell me the harsh truth about the last blog entry on the Hudya engineering blog. What happened? Well, first of all, unless you’re in marketing, it’s hard to prioritize writing blog posts when code delivers actual results

We had this idea that it would be great to communicate about what we are doing also on the tech side, not only the normal stuff to customers. When we set out, we also wanted to give back to the developer community. We feel bad about not doing more here!

Long story short, we built a team from 1 to 25 people in a few months, launched multiple services in three countries within the end of 2017, and realised that although we had done a lot in a short time, we just did too many things at the same time. So, we had to tighten things up, really get the code and processes solid, spend time on internal knowledge sharing, and build a shared understanding of how we build and deploy code in Hudya.

I’m happy to say that we have now a much firmer foundation and our velocity increases week by week! It also means we have a lot of cool and great things to share, so we will re-enter the engineering blogosphere.

In my first post in August last year, I shared some of our challenges we had in the first six months. I want to share more about these experiences shortly, so stay tuned!

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