Careers @ Hudya

Lead Front-end & UX Developer

Karenslyst - Oslo

We like fullstack developers, but we believe that the skill set required to be a superb frontend developer is different from the skill set needed for back-end developers.

We are seeking a frontend developer who is fluent in all the basic front-end technologies and who can navigate the world of extensions, modules, packages, and what-not (we don’t even need to list them). You are not a die-hard fanatic, but a pragmatist who belives in the right tools for the job. At Hudya we use (today) JavaScript, React, Redux, and REST APIs against the backend, and we deploy in Docker containers with CI/CD, so familiarity with the technologies and this way of working is a plus.

You should love making stuff that not only looks good, but that feels good when you use it. To use Steve Jobs words, we are aiming for “insanely good customer experiences”, so you need to love working with our Head of Customer Experiences, Pablo, customers, partners, and our sales and support people to tweak and iterate on what starts out as a prototype and then later becomes a production app.

Working with a graphics designer, you are comfortable with putting the finishing touches on an app, but you are also comfortable working on the whiteboard or sketching out ideas for new interaction concepts. You have clear leadership qualities, but do not necessarily need to manage a team to get things done.

At Hudya we build mobile-first, web apps, but mobile apps will follow, so experience with mobile app development is also great! We expect you to be our spearhead in front-end/UX development, and you will be working with other engineers who are among the best in the world on what they do.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact our recruitment partner Charlie on / +47 214 19 183