Careers @ Hudya

Lead Back-end/Full-stack Developer

Karenslyst - Oslo

For us to handle the ambitions of engaging with our customers in a totally new way, and to roll out six different products in three countries in parallel, we need a modularised and de-coupled architecture. We have chosen to develop a microservices-based architecture along the type Netflix and Über are using and exposed by REST APIs to our front-end apps (and in the future, 3rd party developers).

If what you love and want to do is to solve problems with code, learn new technology, scale services, build great APIs, and want to participate in defining how we build, deploy, and operate microservices, this position is for you. You will work closely with our Chief Architect, Tommy, as well as our cloud architect, Evin, to put into life our plans and designs, and you will work with our engineers in Argentina and Ukraine to make sure that we develop and adopt a shared approach on things that matter.

We use Docker containers, Jenkins, Rancher, AWS, and today develop our microservices in Python/Django/mysql. We are planning a move to Kubernetes. You need to be fluent in one language that can fit our eco-system, it could be Go Lang or Python, but you will easily pick up new stuff.  You know the difference between a cool, new technology and something that can be put into effective use, maintained over time, and operated with high uptime. You can most likely write Javescript and a front-end app as well, but that is not your core focus, but you understand the challenges of single-page apps and mobile apps and what they need from the back-end. You see database knowledge as an integral part of being a good back-end developer, and understand that privacy and security are important business drives, not “stuff we must add at some point”.

You will most likely want a career where you stay focused on coding, but you should understand how to mentor/coach more junior developers, be comfortable with code reviews, and be able to lead a team with authority without being the manager. If you do see yourself as a potential manager in the future, we are also open to that.

We expect you to set the standards for what good code is, and be lead on our most critical back-end components. We expect a high degree of integrity and openness, and an experimentation mindset. You’ve “been around” enough to know many of the traps, but you don’t let that stop you from trying a new approach that may work.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact our recruitment partner Charlie on / +47 214 19 183