Careers @ Hudya

Careers @ Hudya

Why you would want to work at Hudya

  • Hudya’s business is about trust and establishing a relationship with our customers, and you believe values and what a company does is also important
  • Using the newest available technologies to disrupt century-old industries make you excited
  • Working with world-class engineers from around the world to push the boundaries of what is possible sounds like fun to you
  • You love open-source and enjoy making things work and then contribute a PR
  • You are or believe you can be one of the best in the world in what you do

You see, at Hudya we use new cool technology to revolutionize how people buy and use old and known products: electricity, insurance, home security, banking, and mobile. We @ Hudya want to be the customer’s trusted advisor and through technology offer you the same near relationship people had with their advisor in the local bank or the owner of the grocery shop on the corner many years ago.

As engineers @ Hudya, we are allowed to be bang in the middle of huge changes in each of these old, traditional industries: your home alarm and lock will in the future be a part of your smart home, blockchain and de-regulation (EU payment services directive 2) is expected to turn up side down on the banking industry, and the insurance industry is challenged to offer new models of how to offer insurance.

We are inspired by Netflix and Über, and are keen to learn from others, so we can make new mistakes instead of old ones. We want to take customer dialog and customer interactions to an entirely new level where dialogs between Hudya and customers go across any channel, in person, on the phone, snapshat, twitter, you name, we want to support a seamless and delightful experience for both our customers and our educators (that’s what we call our customer service representatives!).

We have locations in Oslo in Norway, Austin in Texas, Kharkov in Ukraine, and Santa Fe in Argentina, with headquarters in Oslo. We are recruiting, so we would be very happy to get in touch with you! Contact Greger, our CTO.

Don’t see a position above that applies to you, but passionate about what we’re doing?

Send us a message and let’s chat anyway.